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click here to learn about caring for cast iron cookware

Cast iron is great to cook with if cared for properly. Follow these simple steps and your cast iron will last a lifetime. In the photo above, the smallest skillet is new, but the medium and large sized ones are about 100 years old! Click here for tips on caring for your cast iron cookware!

click here to learn how to sharpen your kitchen knives.

Keeping sharp knives in the kitchen takes cooking to a whole new level of enjoyment. There's nothing more frustrating than a dull knife, and nothing nicer than one that cuts clean and easily. It's easy to keep your knives in good shape. Click here for an informative YouTube video.

click here to learn a delicious tip!

Combining fat free milk and cream - The high price of gasoline these days, compounded by living 20 miles out in the country, leaves me searching for ways to put off driving to town. Powdered dry milk, which can be kept in the freezer indefinately, and heavy cream, which has up to a 2 month shelf life, have become basic staples in my kitchen. Combined, and by sometimes adding a few other basic staples, they yield lots of good things to eat and drink. Click here for a delicious tip!

click here to learn a great quick tip!

Aluminum foil and cling wrap can be so clumsy to get off the roll! Click here for for a quick tip that makes this task much easier!

click here to learn how to make Super Laundry Paste in your own kitchen.

You can make your own Super Laundry Paste. This recipe will guide you through the process. A great economical way to wash the clothes. Click here to learn how.

Cooking  |  Webmastering  |  Saving Money  |  Wellbeing


click here to read about favicons

Favicons, the cute little pictures found in the page tab and browsing history of your browser, add a lot to the level of customization. They are not hard to install. Read this tutorial and learn how to get your logo up and running.

click here to download and install a  nice sitecounter.

When I came to the need for a sitecounter, I wanted one that was lite, with no ads. This is what I found. It's free, works very well and is easy to install. Take a look!

Cooking  |  Webmastering  |  Saving Money  |  Wellbeing

Saving Money

Staying in control of finances is important to our quality of life. I learned a trick for getting credit card debt under control. Something that has really helped me over the last few years. Click here for help with credit card debt.

Paying off your home loan - Home ownership is a big part of the American dream. Paying it off is a major accomplishment! Click for a tip on how to best pay off your home loan.

Cooking  |  Webmastering  |  Saving Money  |  Wellbeing


click here to learn about improving your motivation.

Lack of motivation can be a real problem, as it has been for me in the past. I've learned a few things that have helped me. Maybe they can help you too! Click here for how to conquer the beast!

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